Douglas Berger psychiatrist Tokyo is an American board certified psychiatrist and is the Director of the Tokyo Meguro Counseling Center. He’s also fully bilingual in Japanese and English. Dr. Berger received his M.D. and psychiatry training from New York Medical College, and his Ph.D. from the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine at the Tokyo University School of Medicine. He speaks native-level Japanese. Dr. Berger utilizes a variety of approaches to psychiatry, which you can find here, and on the Tokyo Meguro Counseling Center’s home page.

Dr. Berger can be contacted by phone: 03-3716-6624 (+81-3-3716-6624 from outside of Japan). Please use this form if you wish to contact Dr. Douglas Berger psychiatrist in Tokyo.


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Many patients have a myriad of problems and symptoms: smoking, drinking, nail-biting, insomnia. Impatience, burn-out. Looking closely, they are all connected. Guess how! Us:,

Drs in big public agencies that see autistic kids don’t easily try adjunctive medications for associated symptoms. It’s because these agencies don’t have systems that easily allow out-of-the-box treatments, doctors are risk-averse, and the paperwork increases.

Many persons have been traumatized by being in a cult. Sexual abuse under the guise of “spiritual experience” is commonly reported. The cult was probably started as a cover for sex and pedophilic activity. Us:,

Persons frequently complain about bad grammar, spelling & trouble with making sense in their emails. This can be due inattention and requires looking closely at other signs of trouble with attention, organization, and planning. Us:,

Long history of depression can make persons think depressed mood is normal and only when there are stressors do they dip and feel worse. Therapy is important to help them see the stress-dips over the background of depression. Us:,

What causes bad dreams? Nobody know for sure, but daytime fears and trauma, anxiety or depression disorders, substance and medicine use and withdrawal, sleep and other brain disorders are known to be associated. Us:,

Can anxiety and ADHD be related? If hyperactive people are impatient then that can lead to tension and more anxiety. Both need to be treated. Us:,

We Americans live here in Japan, but does that mean we have the same risk as Japanese for Corona virus? Not really, because Americans didn’t get the BCG Tb vaccine which seems correlated to risk of Corona illness severity. Us:,

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Some ADHD persons can’t function even for a few minutes at a time. When deadlines draw near they rush and lose sleep just to catch up. It’s very hard to coach these persons without medical intervention. Us:,

Some people can’t even face a friendly situation, some are tough as nails and can face huge risk like this speech in the Italian parliament this week:

If your mood is low you’ll feel bad about yourself. You may be nervous in front of others & you may feel rejected easily. If your mood is high you may be optimistic and confident. Its your mood, not your situation! Us:,

Some persons with hyperactivity have social stress at the same time they get depression. Do we fix the social stress, the hyperactivity, or the depression? We can’t let depression go ignored as it can lead to bad outcomes. Us:,

Are sleeping pills “addictive”? Yes and no. They don’t cause craving or a “high” but they can cause one’s natural sleep mechanisms to get rusty causing these persons to require a slow taper of their medicines. Us:,

Intense and emotional persons may have impatience, rejection sensitivity, or some minor depression. If we don’t try different interventions we won’t get data on what it is or what to do with it. Us:,

Many persons don’t want to be “dependent” on a medication to help moods. Only when debilitating can they really see it’s out of their control and they will accept medical help. Us:,

Losing weight? Only exercise or only diet may work if done correctly. Commonly, persons think that “a bit” of exercise is enough. They don’t realize that they are just using up energy in their blood & muscles, not burning fat. Us:,

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What to do when your spouse moves out with the kids? Hopefully, your partner can give you some partial visitation. Time is on your side as year by year as your kids bond with you. Us:,

Is it ok to mix caffeine with a stimulant? Occasionally this can rev a person too much, but caffeine withdrawal in regular users can also impair one’s attention-the object of the stimulant to begin with. Us:,

When a string of trauma hits it may be hard to pin-down which event is the cause of PTSD. Look for the event with the most physical violence. Us:,

Adults can be tormented by having or not having physical intimacy in relationships. 11 year-old kids take relationships easy and in stride, only 2-3 years later they can be a mess. Concept to ponder. Us:,

Total of 389 deaths in Japan from Corona today: No of flu deaths for the '19-'20 season in 21 Japan cities were >400 PER WEEK from Dec '19 until mid March '20 Either we need a flu lockdown every year, or we don't need lockdowns?

Distracted persons often don’t realize they are distracted-because they are distracted even from themselves. It can even be hard for them to notice if treatments are helping them, usually a significant other needs to weigh-in. Us:,

We see some element of “giving up” on Corona. Many people don’t look up “vaccines for Corona” or “medications for Corona” or look up how or where to escape. It’s the sense of futility of the masses frequetly repeated. Us:,

Can younger men get serious with older women, say 10 years older? If the couple’s life plans are in-line, then the only criteria necessary is that they are sure they are with a special partner. Same for any couple! Us:,

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