Douglas Berger Psychiatrist Tokyo

Douglas Berger psychiatrist Tokyo is an American board certified psychiatrist and is the Director of the Tokyo Meguro Counseling Center. He’s also fully bilingual in Japanese and English. Dr. Berger received his M.D. and psychiatry training from New York Medical College, and his Ph.D. from the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine at the Tokyo University School of Medicine. He speaks native-level Japanese. Dr. Berger utilizes a variety of approaches to psychiatry, which you can find here, and on the Tokyo Meguro Counseling Center’s home page.

Dr. Berger can be contacted by phone: 03-3716-6624 (+81-3-3716-6624 from outside of Japan). Please use this form if you wish to contact Dr. Douglas Berger psychiatrist in Tokyo.

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Dr. Jeste suggests “individuals might be trained to modulate brain activity with real-time functional MRI”: Only who would pay for the MRI technician/clinician & machine time? Us:,,

Tokyo Counseling Center: Does DBT attenuate amygdala hyperactivity?

Tokyo Counseling Service: could effects mindfulness based therapy be due to placebo?

Tokyo Counseling Center: Virtual Reality and randomized controlled trials

Wallis says Virtual Reality completed a randomized controlled trial: But you can't subject blind or have blind placebo in a VR trial that treats conditions w/subjective endpoints. Us

Tokyo Counseling Service on discriminating biologic from situational depression.

Tokyo Counseling Service: Three Common Misconceptions in Psychiatry

Douglas Berger Tokyo psychiatrist: Psychiatry either seems scary, strange & costly, or simplistic.

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Dr. Moffic was brave to note that any effects seen in a clinical trial of mindfulness based therapy (MBT) could be all due to placebo: MBT is 60’s meditation w/a branded-name. Us:,,

There is over-selling mental health that few mental health workers admit, mentors impress mental health treatments as facts rather than the truth that we can’t prove our diagnostic classification or our psychotherapies. Us:,

Conspiracy theories related to anxiety or that truth is hidden: Problem is theories like Russian election hacking are true, and others like Russian assassination of Kennedy are not far-fetched, Us:;

The Moffic Meditation article rationalizes to take money from patients for an unproven activity: Using Insurance for unproven activities can whittle benefits & diverts therapies proven in double-blind placebo trials. Us:

Blind ratings in a psychotherapy study are mistakenly called “single-blind”. Ratings in a clinical trial only record reports from the subject and treater system. Any bias in subjects can add up with a large N to obtain erroneous "efficacy". Us: .

カウンセリング東京のYouTube教育ビデオの日本語プレーリストができました(Counseling Tokyo's Japanese YouTube educational video play list):;;;

"Cardiac syndrome X" is angina without clogged arties: Usually in women, microvascular disease is behind the ventricles not filling properly, causing heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. Us:

Babies’ first solid food found to have at least one dangerous heavy metal in every product: 15/50 products contained enough to pose health risks. Us:

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