Douglas Berger psychiatrist Tokyo is an American board certified psychiatrist and is the Director of the Tokyo Meguro Counseling Center. He’s also fully bilingual in Japanese and English. Dr. Berger received his M.D. and psychiatry training from New York Medical College, and his Ph.D. from the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine at the Tokyo University School of Medicine. He speaks native-level Japanese. Dr. Berger utilizes a variety of approaches to psychiatry, which you can find here, and on the Tokyo Meguro Counseling Center’s home page.

Dr. Berger can be contacted by phone: 03-3716-6624 (+81-3-3716-6624 from outside of Japan). Please use this form if you wish to contact Dr. Douglas Berger psychiatrist in Tokyo.


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The Covid deaths/pop in Japan as of today 972/125,930,000=0.0000077. In the US 129,654/331,002,651=0.00039. The ratio of deaths to pop of Japan vs US 0.0000077/0.00039=0.0197, about 2%. Something is very strange with biology, cultural norms, or the way stats are taken or a mix.

In >200 persons at our center from all over Japan in the last 6 months, only 3 had a few weeks of rough cold symptoms, and all recovered at home on no meds (none were tested for Covid). 1 had loss of smell & taste. Incidence rate of 1.5%, death rate of 0%.

People can have acne then pick on it and have acne & a big red spot. Similarly, people can have anxiety and then get anxious and blow-up many areas of their life. Us:,

“My dad is a terrible person” is a common complaint. It should be “my dad is terrible to be with”. This is because these dads have mental issues out of their control. Getting away from dad is still the answer but realizing dad is not well can be eye-opening.

What is “depression in partial remission”? It’s common as hell! It’s a history of a bad depression years ago with lingering on & off symptoms that the person doesn’t realize is the same thing as before. Us:,

What to do when you have a “monster” coworker? Ingratiate, fight back, avoid, get away? Depends on the politics, your emotional tolerance, & financial situation. Make sure there is a strategy behind whatever you do so you can foresee the outcome.

Many patients have a myriad of problems and symptoms: smoking, drinking, nail-biting, insomnia. Impatience, burn-out. Looking closely, they are all connected. Guess how! Us:,

Drs in big public agencies that see autistic kids don’t easily try adjunctive medications for associated symptoms. It’s because these agencies don’t have systems that easily allow out-of-the-box treatments, doctors are risk-averse, and the paperwork increases.

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Divorce in Japan? Following the family court leads to the same cookie-cutter outcome no matter what discussion is in the cookie machine. Answer: get out of the cookie cutter machine! How? There are many ways to negotiate using social pressure that a lawyer will never tell you.

What do you do when your estranged parents all of a sudden give a large gift to your child’s school? You can tell the school not to give out your child’s connection to the gift, but we don’t know where it will go next. Us:,

Postpartum depression: new baby stress, sleep poor, husband not available, etc. Lots of stressors to blame, but the real cause in most cases are disrupted hormones and neurotransmitters, not as easy to see as the stress. Us:,

Depressed people do many impulsive things: change jobs, go with unhealthy partners, use substances. It’s all due to illness not intent or ignorance. Us:,

When a spouse becomes mentally ill it's hard for the other spouse to accept. They want to deny or make some logic why the spouse must relate normally. It takes time to accept that their spouse has become ill because it’s hard to see something concretely wrong in a mental illness.

Do couples fall out of love? Yes and no, they go thru phases: romantic-love phase, family-love phase, elderly-love phase. Tolerance and acceptance of these phases is key. Us:,

Some ADHD persons can’t function even for a few minutes at a time. When deadlines draw near they rush and lose sleep just to catch up. It’s very hard to coach these persons without medical intervention. Us:,

Some people can’t even face a friendly situation, some are tough as nails and can face huge risk like this speech in the Italian parliament this week:

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“No-fault depression” is when one has some unseen biologic reason for depression. These persons look back on life and conclude xyz event is the cause though the chronology of the event and start of depression don't match-up. Noting this can relieve the torment of a memory.

What course of life are you on? Clues: look at what happened to persons in your current position in life who are now 20 or 30 years older and decide if that is ok or if you want to take charge of your destiny now. Us:,

Corona has left many persons out of work. Go where you are needed (hospitals, nursing homes, etc), and don’t go where you aren’t needed (restaurants, airports) because the effect on these industries will not go away soon. Us:,

What happens when persons with mental illness don’t agree to get help? The answer is they have chosen to live with their problems and the Dr’s job is to minimize the consequences to their life, not always easy. Us:,

It can be quite aggravating when people you trust break their promises. The best response is to appreciate what these persons have taught you about human nature and how to avoid, parry, and foresee future back stabbings. Us:,

Can you rely on your spouse for livelihood? It depends. Double income-no kids may be great, but is a single-income couple + a child OK and will you be in debt when your older? It all boils down to organization and planning. Us:,

What to do when your spouse moves out with the kids? Hopefully, your partner can give you some partial visitation. Time is on your side as year by year as your kids bond with you. Us:,

Is it ok to mix caffeine with a stimulant? Occasionally this can rev a person too much, but caffeine withdrawal in regular users can also impair one’s attention-the object of the stimulant to begin with. Us:,

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