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Lithium for Alzheimers? Short 1.5 year follow up, treatment effect did not improve in the final 3 months. No head-to-head comparison vs memantine etc: Minor effect require careful modesty. Us:

Our Twitter posts are growing: @megurocounselng, @Douglas_Berger1, @Counsel_Tokyo. Please visit these feeds to see our commentary on news and research related to psychiatry, psychology, and our mental health counseling practice in Tokyo Japan.

We treat children, adolescents, and adults. The most common problems are depression & anxiety, ADHD, alcohol use disorders, personality problems and interpersonal problems:

Most FDA black box's are great but the one on antidepressants and suicide in children and adolescents were found to be untrue & actually increased suicide attempts. So far, the FDA has refused to accept the evidence: Us:

Anti-methamphetamine article ghost-written by NIDA for NIDA-supported researcher Dr. Moszcynska: claims no conflict of interest & aims to curb amphetamine prescriptions. Funding by NIDA with taxpayer money needs transparency. Us:

The rich-poor gap predicts murder rate:, But the poor are busy getting simple needs met which foments violence & gangs. The poor don't think about far-away gated-communities, or the US Secretary of Education's policies. Us:

There is always a mix of fraud and denial of needed support in a welfare system. Eubanks:, notes 1-million benefit denials in 3 years of automation, but she does not provide data on the ratio of denied fraud vs. denial of need. Us:

Good alert, these patients have become more commonly seen as genetic tests widen the market. Us:

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Direct exam doesn’t raise the validity of a psychiatric diagnosis which is based on subjective categories: POPULATIONS of a diagnosis have more neurologic findings vs normals but that doesn’t help diagnose an INDIVIDUAL. Us:

Gender Identity: personal sense of one's gender. Biology is a strong factor, socialization plays a role: 0.3% of the US identifies as transgender (TG): TG persons should be destigmatized w/equal rights. Us:

Interjecting important medical information: CAR-T cell therapy for solid tumors: Making strides in antigen-targeted oncology treatments. Us:

The Tarasoff rule is on potential for harm that others besides the therapist do not know: For political figures, everyone knows what may or may not happen, there is no secret or a diagnoses that a therapist needs to tell. Us:

The government's regulations do favor the rich:, but the quality of life of the middle class is the correct value to look at, not the top 1%. The middle class's standard of living is improving: Us:

The risk of violence in psychiatric practice is a frightening: But what to do when a punch is on the way or you are getting pushed?
Psychiatrists are too cerebral, once a week they need to get into a martial arts gym and train. Us:

Biologic sex is not fully binary: "Intersex" persons may vary in genetics, epigenetics, gonads, hormones, receptors, genitals etc. Prevalence may be up to 1-2% of the population but estimates of certain variations are lacking. Next tweet: Gender Identity.

Sex/Gender is more complex than politics. Chromosomal sex: largely but not fully binary; 99.93% of the population is XX or XY Next tweet: biologic sex and intersex.

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