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Until there is a reliable biological or genetic parameter that can validly discriminate BPD from other disorders, better modesty to admit that the diagnosis of a personality disorder, especially BPD, will still be far from a valid construct. Us:

Mindfulness has been found to alter regions of the brain associated with memory & awareness: But many activities can make brain changes, running, yoga, juggling, etc. there is no special effect to Mindfulness here. Us:

The Psychiatric Times author of the ART (aka EMDR) infomercial, Dr. Wendi Waits, is also a " Master ART Therapist", a COI Psychiatric Times should note. EMDR as pseudoscience:, & on Quackwatch: Us:

Psychiatric Times is plugging EMDR as ART: Listed here as pseudoscience:, EMDR has a long history on Quackwatch: Us:

Borderline Personality will self-harm, ADHD persons get hyper: There is really no way to differentiate these diagnoses & if a personality disorder is better explained by another disorder, the other disorder takes priority. US:

CoQ10 is now thought to be an "effective" treatment of bipolar depression: This is interesting, but only 89 subjects were randomized so that we still need a large confirmatory trial. US:

Psychiatric Times, great mag, still plugs EMDR: never single/double blind placebo study, is viewed ineffective and over-marketed, selling EMDR courses: Also, see this Us:

Dr. Seeman says schizophrenic females did not have flat affect and were social: She says low estrogen causes psychosis, could be true, but its only conjecture. Seems her patients probably had a non-schizo psychotic disorder. Us:

Load More... doesn’t mention the exclusion criteria for a personality disorder when the criteria can be explained by another psychiatric disorder. I.e., the diagnosis for BPD notes 7 traits that could easily be due to a mood disorder. Us:

Brain changes have been reported with psychotherapy, but brain changes can be found in various activities: found an increase in white matter underlying in a complex visuo-motor skill. Us:

Dr. Steven King promotes efficacy of CBT for pain as best:, but there is no blind placebo-controlled study of CBT vs any other type of psychotherapy. Modesty in conclusion of efficacy is warranted. US:

Dr. Tasman starts on physicists questioning relativity vs quantum mechanics:, leading to what is inner reality in psychotherapy? Dr. Tasman seems removed from understanding Einstein & Bohr's quantum discussions vs human reality. US:

Dr Moutier lists treatment modalities w/evidence for reducing suicide risk but surprisingly doesn't mention medication for agitation, anxiety, or sleep: Neither CBT or DBT have ever had a double-blind placebo controlled study. US:

Only 2 of 265 disorders in DSM-5 have known causes, PTSD & substance abuse: However, PTSD is still a subjective diagnosis: stress is known, symptoms are unprovable. US:

Dr. Graham says genetics cause catastrophizing leading to anxiety: So, the symptom of a disorder is also the cause? The therapy they sell treats catastrophizing though. Us:

Could mania may be caused by beef jerky because of nitrates? Could it also happen with hot dogs and bacon? You may not want to eat these products for other health reasons, but the mania-link is still weak at best. Us:

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